What I do

The Work

I work with individuals and businesses, large and small, to explore sound and thought-through approaches to the obstacles that lay in their path to success. I provide clarity on the ideal foundation to build and move forward on creative projects and strategic plans. I do this by synthesizing complex, messy issues into tightly defined problems. I walk my clients through this process using existing and customized strategic frameworks. Only then can we implement the best tools to optimize and positively affect the plan and workflow for the project at hand.

About Me

When I think of all the ways I’ve described myself over the years I realize I’ve fallen into the usual traps of our culture that looks to our roles, what we do and who we are to others, as the main way we describe or define ourselves. If you get to know me, and I hope you do, you might find that I’m observant. I’m big on watching and listening as a means to understand. I’m sensitive. I continue to hone my empathy skills by building on the listening mentioned above and always looking for new ways to deepen this practice. I’m grounded. In the most literal sense, I’m a student of soil and love to have my hands in the dirt! But I also lean towards what is balanced and sensible, grounding whatever I am focused on. I rely on my senses, not only what I can see and touch in the most literal sense, but knowing when to pivot a plan or process, as needed, when confronted with real-time obstacles. And above all I’m curious and vested in good outcomes. I want to understand how things work and facilitate that thing working to the best of its ability.


The Details


I began my editorial career in 1999 and since then I’ve called such well-known and respected titles as O, The Oprah Magazine, Complex, and Billboard home. I’m very proud of the impact I made at all of them. Fun fact: I started out writing and editing copy but quickly fell into management when it was noted I displayed uncanny organizational skills when finding galleys in a labyrinth of books in my editor’s office.


In 2013 I founded Tierra Sana Holistics where, as a sustainable health coach, I improve my clients’ health by teaching them about eating and gardening, with a focus on home and body detox. There is a farm growing astounding amounts of veggies and flowers in Brooklyn that reconnected me to my love of getting my hands in the soil. I apprenticed and made whole, sustainably grown foods the focus of my coaching. I see no better way to help someone be healthier.


I transitioned into project management work in 2011 with a heavy emphasis on multi-platform editorial content for such companies as Condé Nast, Hearst, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My work for boutique firms and non-profits includes web builds, intranets, and marketing and brand refreshes. I’ve led fundraising benefits and other initiatives for such business as a local farm, community gym and an arts organization.


I was born in New York City and lived in New Jersey, Puerto Rico and Florida all before returning to NYC to attend New York University where I earned my BA in English and American Literature. I now live with my husband and many happy houseplants and my first proper vegetable garden in sunny Minneola, Florida. I’m at work on a book project and consulting across various mediums.